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Note: This is the add on of Visual Composer

What is SalesForce?

Salesforce began with the vision of reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Since then we’ve changed the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the industry forever. All Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud so there’s no expensive setup costs, no maintenance and your employees can work from any device with an internet connection – smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What is Lead?

Leads are a way to separate prospects (people you’d like to sell to) from business contacts (people you’re actively selling, have sold to, or are business acquaintances, partners or vendors).

Think of a Lead as a business card that you’ve captured from a visitor at your website.

Using this addon, you can create a form that will be useful to send lead directly to SalesForce.

Lead will be stored permanently in SalesForce.

One can use any account of SalesForce. Just need to pass OID for Lead OBject.

You can get the OID from Web to Lead Section in SalesForce

We have added classes in every html input and wrapper so that it will become easy for you to redesign the structure without changing the structure.

Setting option: OID for Lead Generation Where to redirect user after form submission Type Lead Source Select checkbox to make respective field ‘Required’ Select checkbox to make field ‘In Visible’ Content


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    can i create additinal form fields?

  • DMDwapps

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    hey installed it and it is not in my visual composer add-ons.

  • bilal3547

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    can you please share FTP details so i can look for you? Or would you like me to create separate addon for you? you can contact me on skpye via iqbal.insignia

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    wow fantastic i like it, very nice work :) i wish you huge sales for the week :)

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