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All you need to create beautiful 360° Panorama & Virtual Tours

WordPress Virtual Tours Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create beautiful 360 Panorama and Virtual Tours easily. No need for programming knowledge.

Why Choose Us

Your choices to us will make the difference. We provide a stunning feature that you can’t find on others panorama plugin.

WooCommerce Integration

Showcase your product with panorama for more interactive experience. You can earn more with monetizing your panorama and increase your revenue. You can easily embed a WooCommerce product to the hotspot.

Panorama Mini Map

Easy navigate your map with mini-map. Use the panorama map to aid the user in orienting themselves within the panorama.

Elementor & WPBakery

Use 360° Panorama & Virtual Tours everywhere. Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Shortcode and Widget.

Feature Rich 360° Panorama & Virtual Tours

User Friendly Backend Editor

We provide easiest way to use the backend editor. Forget guessing what you get on the frontend because you can edit your panorama visually. We are quite confident that you going to like our backend editor.

Auto Rotate Panorama

Panorama can be automatically auto rotating when loaded. It will give your user immense experience during navigating your website.

Fullscreen Panorama

We provide control that will allow your user to be in full-screen mode. You can also this control if you don’t want your user to have this capability.

3 Toolbar Scheme

We provide 3 Scheme for your panorama. Top Toolbar, Bottom Toolbar, and default Toolbar. Choose which one the best for your needs.

Zoom Panorama Control

Provide a high-resolution image for your panorama. With the Zoom feature, the viewer can see the detail of all views on your panorama.

Compass Panorama

We also provide the Compass feature on panorama as direction guidance. It will be easier for your viewer to determine which direction on your panorama.

Text Tooltips

You can show any information related to the hotspot. Be informative to the viewer and tell them the stories about the hotspot.

WooCommerce Tooltips

Earn more with monetizing your panorama and increase your revenue. You can easily embed a WooCommerce product to the hotspot.

You can also describe your hotspot with the gallery. Show the best image and most relevant gallery using this feature.

Video Popup

Need more visualization? Sure, we have a Video popup feature. Show your YouTube, Vimeo or Hosted the video on the hotspot.

You can direct the viewer into a certain page or external link. You can achieve this by putting a custom link to the hotspot.

Block Post Tooltips

More informative with showing a block post, article, and stories or a piece of news to the hotspot. Use block post tooltips for this situation.

5 Tooltip Locations

With 5 tooltip location, you can show the tooltip on the top of hotspot, bottom, left, right or you can use auto position.

6 Tooltip Color Scheme

Leave boring black and white square tooltip. We already provide 6 predefined beautiful tooltip color schemes that ready to use.

Hotspot Shape

No worry, if Icon and Badge are not enough for the hotspot shape, you can upload your Custom Image as hotspot shape.

Tour & Hotspot List

We also have a tour and hotspot list panel feature. It will list all tours and hotspots on the current panorama.

Translation Ready

This plugin is translation ready. We provided translation files: ’.po’ and ’.mo’ for you for easy translation with translation tools.

For Any WordPress Theme

You can use this plugin on any WordPress theme that works with Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Responsive & Retina Ready

Our plugin is responsive and ready for Retina Display or HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch).

Support & Documentation

We provide support for each of the buyers of this plugin. You are also able to access the plugin documentation on our support forum.


== 1.0.0 ==
- First Release
  • TmdStudio

    2019-10-29 14:57:58
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

  • jegtheme

    2019-10-29 20:34:01
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • fsoft72

    2019-10-30 00:32:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am not able to install your plugin. When I insert Envato code, I get this error: Failed to validate license, please check if required access is granted when token created, also please check to make sure if your account already bought the item I tried both envato purchase code and envato token generated, with no results. I tried the forum but there is no support for this plugin.

  • jegtheme

    2019-10-30 12:39:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi fsoft72, Please make sure if you already login to the account that purchased the plugin when you generating the token. You need to use the Envato generated token instead of the purchase code. You can check our documentation right here for further information https://support.jegtheme.com/documentation/activating-license-4/ You can access our support forum here https://support.jegtheme.com/forums/forum/360-virtual-tour-panorama/ Our support team will ready to help you. Thank you

  • tonyle

    2019-11-05 21:23:12
    Purchased Reply

    can I use the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vtcreator.android360&hl=en&showAllReviews=true with your plugin ?

  • jegtheme

    2019-11-06 13:05:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tonyle, It seems that the application doesn't support 360-degree photos yet. They only have a 180-degree photos features. I suggest you use the Photo Sphere app. You can watch this video tutorial https://bit.ly/2pH5eYr Let me know if you have further question. Thank you

  • Gambolthemes

    2019-10-29 16:28:25
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

  • jegtheme

    2019-10-29 20:33:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • humblebee1985

    2019-10-28 20:54:53
    Purchased Reply

    Nice plugin, thanks for your job. Me and my colleagues from Essay4students totally appreciate your job. We are going to Brazil for a vacation and will be glad to make panoramas with your app. Must a good feature for our travel blog

  • jegtheme

    2019-10-28 21:19:16
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you humblebee1985 :)

  • Techpkp

    2019-11-03 16:35:19
    Purchased Reply

    how to take 360 degree photos .. can you explain

  • jegtheme

    2019-11-04 14:07:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Techpkp, You can use Photosphere app to take 360 degree image. You can watch this video tutorial https://bit.ly/2pH5eYr Let me know if you have further question. Thank you

  • melo_theme

    2019-10-29 20:51:41
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)

  • jegtheme

    2019-10-29 21:04:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you melo_theme :)