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Landing Page Details

The WooCommerce Flying Cart plugin includes an icon that lets you open the cart popup and show the cart contents at any time. The icon floats on the page, meaning that it will always be available in the same position on the screen even if you scroll the page up or down or if you move from one page to the other.

If you are browsing the website or reading more about a product, you will be able to check and change your cart contents at any time with just one click.


  • Fully Mobile Responsive.
  • Fluidic Animation.
  • Customizable Button.
  • Change Cart Position.
  • Product Metadata Supported.
  • Fully WPML Supported.
  • RTL Supported.
  • Enable/ Disable By Pages.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Customizable Cart Icon.
  • Automated Updates
  • 24/7 Premium Support.
Frontend Demo: Click here

Change Log

VERSION 1.1.1 – OCT 30, 2019

  • Added: Automated Updates
  • Enhancement – Changed the quantity update input design.

Version 1.1 – Oct 27, 2019

  • Added: Admin options ‘Display On Mobile’, ‘Display On Desktop’.
  • Added: 7 add to cart animations.

Version 1.0 – Oct 22, 2019

  • Initial realise.
  • TmdStudio

    2019-10-23 14:55:46
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

  • wecreativez

    2019-10-24 07:08:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you my friend ☺️

  • Gambolthemes

    2019-10-22 22:49:09
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

  • wecreativez

    2019-10-22 23:37:27
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you my friend :)

  • belfallen

    2019-10-24 09:19:25
    Purchased Reply

    work with caching plugin, ie: wp rocket + rocket nginx?

  • wecreativez

    2019-10-24 13:36:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi friend, good morning, yes, plugin working well with cache plugin + rocket nginx.

  • Davydieng

    2019-10-25 17:47:53
    Purchased Reply

    why screenshot is different the screenshot of the demo?

  • wecreativez

    2019-10-25 17:54:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi friend, thank you for contacting us. Can you share the screenshot of the differences? Thanks, WeCreativez.

  • Davydieng

    2019-10-26 01:50:27
    Purchased Reply

    I can not download it but if I choose for example the product "Belt", it displays Belt 3x55 $. I can not change the quantity while it is displayed on the photo of the demonstration.

  • wecreativez

    2019-10-26 01:57:15
    Purchased Reply

    Strang, we checked and changing the quality working fine.