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With WooCommerce File Upload your customers can upload files of any filetype (600+ filetypes) and any size at product level and attach it to their order.


Set multiple filetypes from 600+ types

WooCommerce File Upload comes with 600+ filetypes built in to allow your customers to upload different types of files. You can select which filetypes will be valid on the upload from the product page so it doesn’t interfere with other product upload settings.

Drag and drop interface

Upon activation of the file uploader for a selected product, your customers will be greeted with a beautiful and intuitive drag and drop area for their files. The drag and drop interface also works perfectly on all device types and viewports.

Set maximum files to upload

You can set the default maximum files to upload, easily in the settings to ensure your customers will not over-upload.

Download files from the admin order section

Once an order has placed by a customer, you (store admin) will be able to download the files attached to that order via the order section in the WordPress admin area.

Error message control

Manage your error messages easily via the settings page.

View file count

After adding a product to the basket with a file attached, you are able to see how many files are attached to that product at cart, checkout and view order level.

Manage uploaded files

If a customer accidentally selects an unneeded file, they have the capability to remove files before uploading.

AJAX add to basket

WooCommerce File Upload uses AJAX to prevent page reload for the users, all data will be sent asynchronously and return a view cart button upon success.

Please note that ‘Enable AJAX add to basket buttons on archives’ must be switched on via the WooCommerce settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Products) for this plugin to work effectively.

  • fridholmpartners

    2019-11-04 05:37:47
    Purchased Reply

    It looks nice, but doesn't work well. 1. I can't find PDF which is the only file type I want. Very difficult to find in an unsorted list of 600 file types. Is PDF not available? Can you do something about the list, like put it in the settings which file types will show up in this list, so you don't need to scroll through for every product? 2. If I set limit 1 file per product, you can still add more than 1 file. First when I try adding this to the cart, I get the one-and-only error message which is "check file type", but I guess the error is that I exceeded the limit of 1 file.

  • fridholmpartners

    2019-11-04 06:15:40
    Purchased Reply

    1. I managed to edit the files, so PDF is now available and I removed 597 file types, so this is no longer relevant for me (but it's an expected feature). 2. is still relevant. Once you trigger the error message it will stay there, even if you remove the file (that should be done automatically as it is wrong file type) and upload a correct file. Can you add more functionality here?

  • complexdigital

    2019-11-04 09:34:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hey Fabian. Thank you for purchasing and we're very sorry you're having a bad experience. Some of your problems could be due to the theme you're using. We've taken your comments into consideration and just upload version 1.0.4, please check your email as we've also sent it there too. Here's what we've added and/or fixed: * FIX: Limit files per product * ADDED: Limit files globally * ADDED: Select2 library for admin inputs * ADDED: Error messages for different types of errors * ADDED: Easier navigation for filetypes If you have any further concerns regarding this plugin, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Regards.

  • Seriousc93

    2019-10-28 21:41:29
    Purchased Reply

    Amazing plugin! Thank you