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Aena – Content Focused WordPress Theme

Aena is a premium WordPress theme that combines next-level minimal design, pixel perfect typography, multiple layouts and lots of customization options in native WordPress customizer.

The stunning homepage of Aena themes brings your content in the front and allows you to showcase your latest blog posts in a clean minimal way.

With the Aena theme you can easily create a stunning online magazine, blog, digital content website or anything you can imagine.

Super easy to install and customize, theme can be used “from the box” – just install, activate and it’s ready. And in case you will need any help with Aena theme we provide friendly and professional support as fast as we can ❤️

Code & Design Quality by Bekento

We love theme development and not only care about the process but about end result. All our themes are designed with attention to details and typography.

Theme does not have any telemetry, tracking, activation codes and hidden fees or paid features. The price is transparent unlike any other digital product – you pay for the theme and it’s fully yours.

Planting Trees with every theme sale

We at Bekento are nature-friendly. We’re a small company but we still care about the future of the Earth that is currently threatened by over-consumption, deforestation and the climate change.

$1 from each sale of Aena theme we donate to the Friends of Trees community. They already planted 800,000+ trees and native plants with thousands of volunteers in 120+ neighborhoods in six counties across two states.

With your Aena theme purchase Friends of Trees get a donation to continue their hard work on reforestation and keeping our planet truly green.

Key Theme Features

Theme Styles

  • Aena – Content Focused Lifestyle Blog
  • Concept – Minimal Blog
  • Atlas – Travel Blog & Magazine
  • Influenced – Agent For Celebs & Influencer Website

Blog Layouts

  • Magic Masonry
  • Grid Layout
  • Standard Post
  • List Layout

Featured Posts Layouts

  • Single Post
  • Two posts side by side
  • Five posts
  • Trio
  • Hexad
  • Slideshow
  • Rounded three posts
  • Squared three posts

Header Layouts

  • Menu under logo
  • Logo left, menu right
  • Menu on both sides
  • Left logo, menu centered
  • Hamburger menu

Sidebar Layouts

  • Mixed with Posts
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Full Width

More Features

  • 94/96 Google PageSpeed Score
  • Easy to Install and use “from the box”
  • Supports all iPhone and iPad versions and tested on 7 popular Android devices
  • Retina & 4K Displays Ready
  • All 30+ options in one place – Appearance > Customize
  • Unlimited Custom Colors
  • Individual Category Colors
  • YouTube & Vimeo Automatic Video Import and Embed from Link
  • Full 100% Gutenberg Support
  • Awesome Native Image Gallery Styling
  • Every of 800+ Fonts available from Google Fonts
  • Mailchimp Plugin Support
  • Minutes to Read Plugin
  • SEO & SMM Optimized
  • Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter Post Sharing buttons
  • Bootstrap Support
  • Featured Posts
  • Infinite Scroll Option
  • Easy to use Pagination
  • Embed Video Support
  • Widgetized Sidebar Areas
  • Selectable Fonts & Sizes for Logo, Headings and Body Text
  • Secure & HTTPS Ready
  • No telemetry
  • No activation codes
  • No bloat
  • Ready to use Contact & About Pages
  • Social Networks Links
  • Localization Ready
  • Includes Demo Data
  • Includes Child Theme
  • 100% Documented
  • Free Updates & Great 24/7 Support

Privacy & GDPR

We at Bekento strongly believe that privacy should be the key feature of any product or service in modern web. Aena theme does not track your website, does not gather any information, telemetry or any other data.

Support or Pre-Sale Question?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We love to answer our customers questions! Features request or ideas are also welcomed and will be considered in next update! We also have a great documentation available.

  • themarlab

    2019-10-28 03:15:58
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

  • Bekento

    2019-10-28 05:42:29
    Purchased Reply


  • MPIthemes

    2019-10-28 20:06:24
    Purchased Reply

    Good luck!

  • Bekento

    2019-10-28 20:49:51
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks ❤️

  • Gambolthemes

    2019-10-26 03:33:34
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

  • Bekento

    2019-10-26 03:39:33
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you ❤️

  • OwlTeam

    2019-11-08 04:18:04
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work! Congratulations, GLWS :)

  • Bekento

    2019-11-08 05:54:12
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you :)

  • Bekento

    2019-11-18 01:00:10
    Purchased Reply

    WordPress 5.3 Introduced new image downscaling function. When image is uploaded it's downscaled to a maximum of 2560 pixels by width/height. To disable it you can edit the functions.php and add this code:

    add_filter('big_image_size_threshold', '__return_false');

  • sariahharris

    2019-10-31 06:24:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! I am just wondering were and how I can find the different types of themes within Aena. I am specifically looking use the Concept theme, but I can't seem to find it. I downloaded the Aena zip file (I am using wordpress) and I'm not seeing that option to switch to the "Concept theme."

  • sariahharris

    2019-10-31 06:30:39
    Purchased Reply

    Of course I figured it out right after I asked... Sorry!

  • Bekento

    2019-10-31 06:52:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, sariahharris! That's great! In case you'll have more questions feel free to ask here :) - Luke

  • sarrah0210

    2019-11-06 04:37:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi this is sarah i just ordered a Theme of you for my Blog and realized I need a pro version with my account which I didn't have . So sorry to bother you can I please have the refund

  • Bekento

    2019-11-06 05:49:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, Sarah! Let me clarify, the Envato does not require your account to be pro to use the theme for your blog. Please contact me at [email protected] with more details and i will help you. - Luke

  • jathompson06

    2019-11-20 15:34:33
    Purchased Reply

    Maybe I missed it, but after importing the Influenced demo, I'm still not seeing details or information on how to create the header, author profile and look to match the top portion of Influenced (right below logo and menu)

  • Bekento

    2019-11-20 22:41:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, jathompson06! To add the user to header go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Featured Users. Select the user you want to feature, and you can also add the user cover image in Users > Edit > Profile Background. You can also select the featured category in Appearance > Customize > Content > Top Featured Category. Hope this helps :) - Luke

  • konfeta

    2019-11-21 23:53:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, thank you for the beautiful theme at the first glance. This is what I've been looking for. I'm planning to install Aena theme on the staging environment and later, when it's all ok, I'm going to push it live. Should I know anything about licensing issues in this case? Will the theme work smoothly later on the live server? Thank you!

  • Bekento

    2019-11-22 00:15:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, konfeta! Basically, 1 purchased regular license means that you are allowed to use it on 1 live website and not re-sell it. There are no activation codes in this theme, so you can to set up a staging or local environment with it without any issues. Just make sure that if you will use it on more than one live website you have an additional regular license purchased. - Luke